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Family Villa in the Algarve

Family Villa in Algarve Accommodation

Your family villa holiday accommodation will need to provide you and your family the flexibility and privacy you need for a relaxing holiday in the sun. Choosing the right villa for your family holiday is important as many villa accommodation offer different facilities. So when choosing which villa to book create a checklist of your own so that you can compare the different villas and decide which would offer you and your family the facilities that you want. We have created a checklist below of the Top 3 items that you can use as a template from which to create your own :-

Creating your own checklist for choosing your villa in Portugal:-

Family Villa Holiday - Accommodation

1. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you all need a bedroom each or could you share to keep the cost down?

2. Do you want a private pool which is not shared with any other villas?

3. Do you need the pool to be heated? Typically this is recommended as the difference in the outside temperature and the temperature of the pool water can be significantly different.

Family Holiday Villas - Location

1. Do you want to be near a beach, the countryside or a town centre?

2. Do you want to be close to local amenities such as shops, restaurants and cash line machines?

3. Are you looking for a villa which is located near any attractions such as water parks?  

Family Holidays in Portugal - Booking inside or outside of peak season?

Having agreed what villa accommodation you need and which type of location you want it is now possible to consider when you would like to travel :-

1. Peak season months can be very hot (especially for small children), so could you go on holiday in April, May and October when the temperatures are still high enough to sunbathe and villa accommodation prices are lower than in peak season?

2. Check the estimated temperatures at the various times of the year to see what the difference in temperatures are but often they are only slightly different - so travelling outside of peak season but still inside of school holidays is a real option for many families.    

In the Algarve - Airport Destinations for your Family Villa Holiday

Many airlines fly regularly into Faro airport, but other destinations such as Lisbon and Malaga are only a few hours drive away from the Algarve and can offer cheaper flights than flying straight to Faro. The Portuguese airline TAP are certainly one of these carriers to consider.